10 Money Saving Habits


Ten good habits to have if you want to be a money saver.

Having good habits while being a student can actually help with maintaining good finances. This applies to both University students and High School students. I hope my post will help enlighten you on how to save some cash while keeping yourself healthy.

10) Regularly exercising – Getting good exercise will keep your body in good shape. A good healthy body will prevent you from having to pay hospital fees and medicine costs.

9) Stay away from drugs and cigarettes – Drugs are expensive and by staying away from them you are saving money and also saving your body.

8 ) Getting enough rest – This also helps your health and is one of the best ways to avoid ending up sick. Your body needs ample rest to keep your immune system working.

7) Putting money into your savings account – I advocate putting in 25% of your paycheck into your savings account. This is a realistic amount for college students because it gives you enough to spend and prevents the temptation of moving cash from savings to checkings.

6) NOT taking money out of your savings – Keep that money there. You will need it for a big-ticket item in the future. Don’t be tempted to put any of it back into your checkings.

5) Always be learning interesting things – While this doesn’t create short-term money, it does create long-term money. The more skills you have, the more options you’ll have for making money in the future. So instead of wasting your time, go read a book and learn something new. As a kid I always had a LOT of interests. One of them was creating websites. Because I learned how to design and program at an early age, I will always have this skill to back me up in case I need money.

4) Watching less TV – Watching less TV creates more time for you to study, work, and make money. Also you are sent less advertising messages that would cause you to want to go out and spend money. Besides TV is a HUGE waste of time. You are not getting ANYTHING out of watching a television show. As a college student I’ve confined my TV watching times to ONLY when I’m eating. Since I can’t really do much else anyways while eating a meal, watching TV at this time isn’t a big time-waster.

3) Keeping control of credit cards – With online credit card statements right at our finger tips, it’s wise to check your charges daily. Otherwise you may be charging more than you think. If you absolutely have no self control then you need to cut your card.

2) Check Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon – Oftentimes these two places will have anything that you could hope to get at cheaper prices. It’s worth it to check.

1) Don’t frequent e-commerce websites – Sure they have some awesome deals, but if you hadn’t seen those deals you wouldn’t have dropped the cash right? How many Woot items did you buy thinking it would be awesome, then realizing that you wasted thirty bucks (Marshmallow Gun anyone)?