5 Unusual Ways to Make Money as a college student

Earning Money

Still need a couple ways to make a few extra bucks? Heres a good list for ya

1) Donate plasma Usually you can get around $25 per donation?

2) Donate sperm This pays pretty well, Ive researched and it makes $125-150 per donation and they usually sign you up to donate more in the future. Well guess you cant really do this if youre a chick eh? Maybe gather some from your partners? haha

3) Sign up for research projects If youre in University theres usually ads everywhere that say something like Do research for money. Check your schools psychology building.

4) Offer your [sexual] services I read an article about a girl who made 10 grand cleaning peoples houses in a maid costume. She did this business over Craigslist. In fact if you look at Craigslist youll find a lot of weird jobs that you can do. Oh yeah, you can also sell your virginity.

5) Ebay your old stuff Dig up your old shit. Clothes, video games, comic books, books, etc. Then sell it on ebay.