8 Common Expenses You Should Negate


I bet you are one of the people spending cash in these ways and you don’t even know how much money you’re wasting.

1)      Vending machines – Drinks are way too expensive and snacks are costly. Instead buy your snacks and soda pop wholesale at Wal Mart or Costco.

2)      Credit Card Interest – There’s no need to be paying interest on your credit card. Pay it off every single month. Dip into your savings account if you need to. Paying interest sucks.

3)      Subscriptions – Napster? Netflix? Don’t pay for what you can get for free.

4)      Movies – Movies are crazy expensive these days. Find cheaper forms of entertainment for your weekend. There are times when I do go out and watch a movie, but I’m finding that I’m doing this less and less. Also if your town has a dollar theater I recommend going there instead of the regular-priced movie theater.

5)      Movie Foods – If you can’t forego the movies, then forego theater food. This is how theaters make the bulk of their money. Instead try sneaking in your own food or eat before watching.

6)      Full Priced Text books – Amazon.com has pretty much EVERY book that you will ever need to buy for 50% or more off. One semester I only spent a whopping total of $120 on books. Before I realized that Amazon had the books that I needed I was spending 120 PER book.

7)      Coffee Drinks – I’ve started to stop drinking coffee in the mornings or afternoons. If you must have coffee make it yourself instead of buying it at Starbucks.

8)      Cigarettes – Bad habit and expensive over time. Don’t let the $2.99 per pack price fool you. You’re not being cool by smoking either.