How to get girls to your party

So youre going to throw a house party and you want to get some girls to come? Here are some of my tips for NOT making your party into a sausage fest.

girls party

First I recommend you read my post on throwing a successful house party.

Boys and girls are both attracted to one thing, and thats alcohol. Promising a lot of good alcohol means that girls will come. If you are especially having trouble with getting girls to your party then I recommend you put up some extra money and buy some bitch drinks. Recommendations for bitch drinks are Smirnoff Ice and Mikes Hard Lemonade. These are expensive, however, and you might be ok with just punch.

Make sure you invite guys that know a lot of girls. Most guys who have many female friends will invite them if you invite them to your party. It is crucial that you network with guys for this very reason. Dont ask them to bring ladies in a way that makes them feel like they are being tooled into helping your party (ie Hey dude bring chicks to my party). Instead Ive said something like, Hey man I know youre fucking awesome with the ladies, help me get some chicks to my party if you could. Most guys will be willing to invite some platonic female friends to help you out if you just ask them in the right way.

Promote your event on Facebook. Make an event on Facebook and invite mostly girls and your close guy friends and the guys who will be bringing the ladies. The bigger and more seemingly anonymous the event is, the more likely girls will come. No girl wants to go to some party with a bunch of creepy dudes trying to hit on them without any other girls to mingle with. Meaning you should get as many people to your event as possible.

Personally talk to some of the girls on your event list. The Facebook invite might not be enough. A lot of girls will either flake or just forget, and some dont even look before confirming an event on Facebook. Make sure you talk to some of the girls personally. Dont put too much pressure on them to come just say something like Hey Im having a party this weekend, youre coming right? This will help remind them that youre party is coming up.

Get to know guys with girlfriends. This is a big plus. If you have some friends who have girlfriends, it is natural that the girlfriend will in turn bring her single female friends as opposed to more guys (she doesnt want to get her boyfriend jealous after all).

Limit the amount of dudes you invite. If some guy isnt your closest buddy, dont invite him. The less dudes you invite the more alcohol youll have and the better your ratio is going to be. Of course if you know someone who invited you to their party you should extend the favor. Just dont invite guys that are going to suck value out of your party (leech on your booze and alcohol) and not bring any value (he wont bring any women).

Be social in general. Being social while in college will greatly help your chances at succeeding with throwing a great party. If youre a dorm-room nerd that plays video games all day you cant expect to suddenly throw an amazing party full of beautiful women. Youve got to slowly work your way up there. Join co-ed clubs, maybe even join a fraternity.

With each party, your next party will get better. If you make it so that you meet all the females at your party, you can add them on Facebook and then invite them to your next party. This also depends on your ability to throw a good first party. That means you must be willing to spend the necessary cash to provide a lot of alcohol.