Prom on a Budget

So this post is geared towards you High School kids. Prom is coming up and you need to make it as cheap as possible. Here are a few tips to make your prom a little bit nicer on the wallet.


Try to find a tuxedo lying around somewhere

If you have a dad, chances are that he has a tuxedo. Or even a suit that is similar to a tuxedo (my cousin actually went to prom in his dad’s suit, and he survived). So if you’re about the same size as daddy, look into this as an option. If you have no tuxedo, then compare prices on tuxedo rental and get the cheapest one.

Borrow a Dress

As a girl I know how much you want to go prom dress shopping. Still, if your parents aren’t that rich you’ll need to figure out some other way to get a dress. Go borrow one honey! My prom date actually had a very small budget and borrowed her dress from her best friend.

Go with a large group

Going with a large prom group is best if you don’t want to pay a lot on transportation fares. Naturally guys have to pay for the limo.

Look at the Menu at the Restaurant Beforehand

There are five-star restaurants that have dishes less expensive than $40. I went to one for my prom and enjoyed an amazing meal without having to spend premiums for me and my date. The best way to figure out the prices of the meals is to look on their website or call the restaurant in advance. Obviously if you’re a girl you get your meal paid for. Lucky b*tches (just kidding).

Don’t spend money on alcohol at after-prom

Sure you want to get laid, but spending tons of money on after-party drinks isn’t really going to help you (actually maybe it will, but that just means you suck). Instead you should plan on attending your school’s after-prom event (most schools have this to prevent people from going to a party with alcoholic beverages). At after-prom I was actually able to win a $500 scholarship. I know right. Lucky me.

Get your parents to foot as much of the bill as possible

Seriously it’s your prom. They want you to go through that rite of passage don’t they? Damn.

Don’t go to prom

OK so if you’re finding that you can’t get a date for prom or you’re going to have to settle for some chick or dude that you’re not happy with, then just skip prom. Save the hundreds of bucks and go to the strip club instead. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal, you’ll just be a loser for the rest of your life.