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April 18, 2009

Pros and Cons of Having a Car on Campus

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So you’re coming to college and you’re wondering whether you should bring your car up. There are many reasons why you should bring your car up, and there are a few reasons why bringing your car up would really hurt you financially.

First of all, judge your situation. Do you have enough money to pay for parking? Does your housing provide parking spots? Is there no bus system that you can take that would negate the need for a car? If you answered yes to those questions then you should strongly consider bringing your car to campus.

Then again, if you answered no, then you probably DON’T want to bring your car up.

But let’s outline some pros of having a car on campus.

Pro #1 – Access to off campus areas

The grocery store, restaurants, off-campus entertainment, shopping centers, and other places will be out of reach unless you have a car. Having a car also expands the number of places where you can find a part-time job. If there’s nowhere on campus that you want to work, then a car is pretty necessary.

Pro #2 – Dates

It’s much harder to go to nice places for dates unless you have a car, especially for guys. So if you’ve had problems recently with dating, then you should strongly consider bringing your car up. This also makes it easier for logistics purposes like bringing her back to your apartment. Nothing is worse than saying, “Hey let’s go on a date! I’ll meet you at the bus stop!”

Pro #3 – Being popular

Not a lot of people bring their cars to campus and having your car means that people will want to be your friend, even if it’s just to leech rides. Still, you could always refuse and say that your car has a minimum hotness requirement.

Pro #4 – Being able to just fucking drive

After not having my car on campus for two years I finally brought it up my third year. Man it was nice to just drive, blast the stereo, and just drive around having the freedom to go places whenever I wanted without the hassle of taking a bus. Even better if you have a convertible.

Pro #5 – Familiarity with the area

Without being able to drive, you’re not going to know places beyond your campus. It wasn’t until I got my car that I figured out how to navigate to the hot spots around town.

Pro #6 – Moving large objects

Can’t bring that stuff on the bus and can’t get a friend to move it for you? This is where a car comes in handy. Also if you just bought some new clothes, you don’t want to get mugged at the bus stop.

Alright now the pros are done, moving on to the cons.

Con #1 – Paying for gas

Ok gas isn’t as expensive now as it was earlier, but chances are you will be the one paying for gas unless you have nice parents. It’s another expense for you, and if you don’t have much money then paying for gas could be a problem.

Con #2 – Your friends start leeching off you for rides

I mean they’re your friends right? You need to be nice to them. It can get out of hand especially if you have a lot of underclassmen pals. Just tell them you’re busy.

Con #3 – Accidents and Tickets

After driving for a while, you will get into some sort of accident or get a ticket. It’s inevitable. These can be pretty expensive and racking up several will definitely put a dent in your piggy bank. Not to mention that break-ins can happen if you happen to leave your shit in plain view.

Con #4 – Parking

I know at my school that good parking spots were hard to come by unless I went to campus during off-peak hours. Parking can definitely be a big hassle at most schools.

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