Simple steps on how to clean soccer cleats

Soccer cleats
Soccer cleats are very smart shoes when they are clean and can match with just about any outfit. For them to look attractive always, they have to be washed properly. It doesn’t take much, just a cleaning solution and a soft brush. Their cleaning is divided into two parts: Cleaning the soles of the cleats and cleaning the upper part of the cleats. In order for the steps to be clear, we shall have a detailed look at them. This website also has tons of great information on the subject.

1. Cleaning The Soles

Before any other step, you should hit the soles of the soccer cleats together to get rid of loose dirt.

Use a brush or other soft tool to scrub off loose dirt from the soles and a toothbrush to clean the sides. The tool should be soft to avoid damaging the cleats. ( )

Mix your cleaning solution with warm water properly until they have completely mixed. Do not use too much cleaning solution. A little has enough lather to get rid of dirt.

Dip the cleats in and scrub using the brush. When scrubbing the sides, use a toothbrush for better results.

Wipe the soles with a paper towel. The towel will reach areas which are not reachable to your fingers.

2. Cleaning The Upper Part

Remove the laces and dip in soapy water for roughly 10 minutes, then use a brush to scrub them. Afterwards, let them dry in a cool flat surface. Direct sunshine will make them fade.

Use the brush to scrub all sides of the tops, including the tongue, then the middle area, for the dirty water to naturally flow downwards.

Clean the tops of the cleats using a sponge to remove stubborn dirt. The sponge should have little soapy water for it to clean. Rub the tongue of the soccer cleats as well.

Use a paper towel to dry all sides of the soccer cleats. You could put newspapers inside them to absorb any water inside.

Relace the cleats when they and the cleats are completely dry. Feel free to put them on afterwards.