The Dos and Donts of How to Pass a College Class

As the school year is approaching, you might need a refresher on what to do in order to pass class and what to do if you want to fail. Now while passing school is not exactly the hardest thing in the world to do, there are a few very basic things that many people do not do that are just plain essential when it comes to passing school.

So here’s a brief overview of the basics you may have forgotten as the hot summer sun has been beating on the top of your head for the last couple of months.

Do: Show Up

Do Not: Skip Class

Let’s be honest, ninety percent of life is just showing up. Most teachers will at the very least pass you with a C- if you just come to every single class meeting of the term.

And by showing up to each class, you are most definitely bound to learn at least a few things just by being in the room those couple of hours per week. People appreciate punctuality. By showing up to each class, you will at least make your teachers think that you care about the class and the subject as well as want to learn the material.

class participation

Do: Participate

Do Not: Space Out

Some people will tell you that if the teacher knows your name, you are in trouble. False dude. If the teacher knows your name, that means they know you participate.

And in many classes, you will see that participation and attendance actually account for a small, but significant percentage of your grade. Most teachers appreciate effort and confidence. So just raise your hand once or twice a class period and at the very least make it look as though you are making an honest effort at answering the question or contributing to the class discussion.

Do: Take Notes

Do Not: Draw

Sitting quietly in class might make you think that you are learning, but unless you are also paying attention to the teacher and taking note of what he or she says, you just might not learn a darn thing. So while it may sound like rocket surgery, next time you go to class grab a pen or pencil, a notebook, and your thinking cap and remember to use it. Or if you’re one of those fancy kids with the money in their bank accounts, bring your laptop and take notes electronically.

Either way, if you want to pass your class, you have to take notes, legible, coherent notes that you can and will use to study later. And drawing or going on Facebook will only distract you ever more. So if you are going to draw dragons or check out some of your friends new status updates or new profile pictures, just sit quietly and look at the teacher.

funny classroom

Do: Your Homework

Do Not: Skip Assignments

Here is the one you most definitely do not want to do. You already work so hard to wake up in the morning and go to class. And to actually sit through the entire lecture period is just plain B-R-utal. But just like participation and attendance, your homework will more than likely account for a good part of your overall grade. Not to mention the fact that you will probably learn a few things about the subject and become more prepared for the upcoming test or quiz by doing your homework. Often times the assignments will have to do with what the next class lecture is on, so at the very least look it over once or twice before class.